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There is however a flourishing youth section which will continue to compete at U15 level and below, but at this juncture we are not able to say where they will be playing, or indeed what they will be known as. Much discussion has to take place with the Leinster Cricket Union, Belvedere College and the management of the youth section to ensure that the hard work which has gone into these local cricket teams is not lost to Leinster cricket.

This decision, effectively ending the existence of Old Belvedere CC is deeply regretted, but it is something which has been on the horizon for many years. Despite being aware of the growing problems, and some sterling work from various members being expended in an effort to keep the Club going, the reality of the difficulties made it impossible to continue.


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 The Christmas festival is fast approaching and it is customary to have a club mid-winter 'get-together' to exchange seasonal greetings (and presents!!) so I invite all members and friends to meet for a few drinks in the venue and date shown below:

Date: Friday 14th December @ 8.00pm
Venue: The Dropping Well, Milltown.

Please make a genuine effort to attend, I really want to meet and greet as many members as possible. it's a nice pub and serves decent Turkey and Ham for the foodies! It's also on the Green Luas line, a short walk from the Milltown stop. Happy Christmas !!!

John Fennell, Sandyford Cricket Club President.



At the annual club dinner at the Shakira Restaurant, Vimal Jacob rather unusually won both the Player of the Year award and the Duck Cup. Vimal obviously got the first award for his bowling! Syam was 2nds Player of the Year and Ravi the 3rds. Steve "Grumy" Langton was the President's choice for Clubman  of the year.    


 Vimal Jacob who won the Player of the Year Award for 2012

Dan White and Kate Dolan  (below) announced their engagement at the Dinner. Best wishes to them both.


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Just a reminder of the club dinner. See you there.
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