1.0 Name of Club

1.1 The club shall be called Sandyford Cricket Club.


2.0 Aim of Club

2.1 To foster the game of cricket, particularly in the Sandyford area and to encourage the enjoyment of the game of cricket.

2.2 The club shall maintain as many persons playing the game of cricket as possible in pursuance of Article 2.1.


3.0 Membership of Club

3.1 The club shall be open to all persons who wish to play or have an interest in the game of cricket.

3.2 Members of the club shall abide by the charter of the club and shall obey the rules of the club.

3.3 The club shall have the right to refuse or withdraw membership to any person.

3.4 The club shall include members, Honorary Members and Junior Members.

3.4a Members of the club shall be those persons who are 18 years or over on the day of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and have fully paid their appropriate subscription for the previous year or forthcoming year.

3.4b Honorary Members are those persons who have been proposed by the Committee and elected as Honorary Members by the E.G. or Special General Meeting (SGM). Honorary Members shall be elected for life.

3.4c Junior Members are those persons who are under 18 years on the day of the AGM and have paid their subscription for the previous year or the forthcoming year.

3.5 Only members as defined in Article 3.4a and 3.4b shall be eligible to take office or vote at an AGM and a SGM


4.0 Administration of the Club

4.1 The club shall be administered by a committee which shall be elected by the AGMand the committee shall have absolute discretion in the administration of the club.

4.2 The AGM shall be held between the 1st day of October and the last day of February of every year.

4.3 The AGM shall elect a committee to administer the club until the next AGM

4.4 The date, time and venue of the AGM shall be decided by the Committee in accordance with Article 4.2.

4.5 The Notice of the AGM shall include the date, time, venue and agenda of the AGM as set by the Committee. The Committee shall not add any item to the Agenda after this time.

4.6 Any other item on the agenda shall have to be notified to the Secretary at least 5 days before the AGM and be proposed by a member of the club and seconded by two other members.

4.7 The Committee shall give the members 14 (fourteen) days notice of the holding of the AGM

4.8 The Committee

The Committee shall consist of the following:-

Club Captain who shall also be captain of the First Team.
Treasurer and the Captains of any other adult Sandyford Cricket Club teams playing in the leagues as administered by the Leinster Cricket Union.

4.8a The Committee can co opt up to 3 members if and when the committee deems it necessary or desirable.

4.9 The Definition of role of Committee Members

4.9a The President shall be responsible for the fostering of the game of cricket in the club. He shall also chair all meetings of the committee; in his absence the Club Captain shall deputise for the President. The President or his deputy shall have the casting vote in any tied vote of the Committee or of any AGM or SGM Should the President or the Club Captain be absent the Committee shall elect a Chairman for that meeting.

4.9b The Club Captain shall captain the First Team and shall be responsible for the advancement of cricket in the club.

4.9c The Secretary shall take minutes and keep records of all committee meetings,AGM’s and SGM’s and shall present same at each subsequent committee meeting and AGM and in the case of any SGM, the minutes shall be presented to the next AGM The Secretary shall also prepare an annual report on the activities of the club for presentation to the AGM and for the approval of the AGM

4.9d The Treasurer shall maintain all accounts and records and shall open, close and maintain all bank accounts as necessary. The Treasurer shall also prepare an annual financial report for the approval of the AGM and any reports or accounts as requested by the Committee.

4.9e Other committee members may serve in any capacity as decided by the Committee.

4.10 The quorum for the AGM and SGM shall be 3/10 of the total number of members.

4.11 The quorum for the Committee meeting shall be 3 (three)

4.12 An SGM can be called by the Committee or by any 5 members who can request the Committee to call an SGM The call for an SGM shall be in writing and shall include the agenda and shall be signed by the members concerned.

4.13 All votes at an SGM and an AGM shall be by a show of hands, save as provided by 5.2

4.14 All votes shall require a majority of all those present and voting, as other provided by the charter.


5.0 Election of Committee

5.1 The committee for the new year shall be elected at the AGM

5.2 All elections for committee shall be by secret ballot.If 3 (three) or more persons are nominated and no one person obtains more than 50% of the vote of those present and voting, the person with the least votes shall be eliminated and a further election shall take place. This process shall continue until one person obtains an overall majority.

5.3 Nominations for the committee must be notified in writing to the Secretary before the AGM Any nominations must be proposed by a member and seconded by another member.

5.4 The AGM shall appoint one auditor to act for the coming year.

5.5 No person can serve in two posts on the committee at one time.

5.6 The AGM or SGM shall determine all appropriate subscriptions,levies or other monies to be contributed by the membership.


6.0 Committee Meetings

6.1 There shall be at least 5 committee meetings during the term of each committee.

6.2 The term of each committee shall run from the conclusion of one AGM to the conclusion of the AGM of the following year.

6.3 The secretary shall convene all committee meetings.

6.4 The committee shall decide all methods of team selection and shall be responsible for all disciplinary matters.

6.5 The committee shall appoint any sub-committees or shall delegate responsibilities as its sees fit or co-opt any member as it sees fit.


7.0 Alteration of the Charter

7.1 All alterations, amendments, deletions or additions shall only be made at a properly convened SGM or by a notice of motion proposed and recorded by 5 members and lodged with the Secretary 5 days before the AGM

7.2 Any motion to alter the charter must be carried by a two thirds majority of those present and voting.


8.0 Date of effect of Charter

8.1 This Charter was first adopted by the members at an SGM held on the 14th day of February 1988 and amended at an AGM on 16th day of November 2006.

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